Phénolique Locker, L900/1200, 4 Doors 3 Modules

New product

Boxes made entirely of phenolic.

  • Height of 180cm + 15cm adjustable feet in height and 50cm depth.
  • These lockers are manufactured in 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules.
  • Width of 30 or 40cm.
  • Delivery time from 7 to 14 days.

Other measures, colors and characteristics consult.

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1 295,00 €

Including 7,92 € for ecotax

Data sheet

Colonnes3 portes / 4 colonnes
Portes1200 mm
Altura1800 +150 mm (meuble + pieds réglables)
Profundidad500 mm
PanneauxStratifié Compact Phénolique
ProfilésAluminium adonisé argent mat
Charnières et visAcier inoxydable
PiedsPVC de 15 cm réglables (ou acier inoxydable*)
PrésentationLivraison en Kit out Monté (à choisir)

More info

Lockers manufactured entirely with compact panels of phenolic resins, hydrophobic and antibacterial.

The phenolic compact panels have a high resistance to wear and impact. Thanks to its non-porous surface, it repels dirt and is very resistant to cleaning products and disinfections. It is a product unalterable to the humidity and, therefore, has an extraordinary behavior in humid environments like: swimming pools, sea areas, spa or gyms...

The doors are manufactured with panels of 10 mm. Shelves, ceilings and bases with panels of 8mm. The sides with panels of 3 mm. The rear is 3 mm perforated for proper ventilation.

There is the possibility of finishing the exterior of the lockers with panels of 10 mm of the same color as the doors. Check the price.

Vertical profiles in matt silver anodized aluminum.

Hinges and screws of stainless steel.

Door lockers are supplied with a top shelf and hanging bar.

The two-door lockers are supplied with a hanging bar.

All other lockers are supplied without hanging bar.

15cm height adjustable PVC legs for leveling the box office

Color: the body is supplied in white color. Doors according to standard colors. Other combinations consult.

Standard lock to choose.

Other types of lock available.


Modules 300mm

  • Boxes of 1 module: 317 (width) *1950 (high) *500 (depth).
  • Boxes of 2 modules: 612 (width ) *1950 (high) *500 (depth).
  • Boxes of 3 modules: 905 (width) *1950 (high) *500 (depth).
  • Boxes of 4 modules: 1200 (width) *1950 (high) *500 (depth).

Modules 400mm

  • Boxes of 1 module: 417 (width) *1950 (high) *500(depth).
  • Boxes of 2 modules: 812 (width) *1950 (high) *500(depth).
  • Boxes of 3 modules: 1205 (width) *1950 (high) *500(depth).

- Mounted: Supplied with the exception of the adjustable feet in height, which are placed with a small click, once located in the chosen place.

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